Academy Grading Suport

BJJ Grading System
The grading system seeks to make the biannual event of grading easier for instructors, whilst providing top-quality belts and certification for tomorrow’s champions.

We have selected a good manufacture of brazilian jiu jitsu belts, TheGround. With a long range of belts,adults and kids, diferent models, weights, etc to suit all the needs.


  1. We supply many academies in the world.
  2. Get belts from the Bjj belts specialist, TheGround.
  3. Save time and simplify the process of your next grading.
  4. Personalized Diplomas & Certificates are available in one click.
  5. We´ll be very happy for you enjoying your grading ceremony.
  6. Your students will love their new belts & diplomas.

Our focus

Enjoy your grading
Quality belts
Save time
Quick delivery
Easy process

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