Belts & Diplomas

This system of grading provides the professor with an easier way to organise their students certification and belts in one seamless method; providing absolutely the best BJJ belts in your studentsĀ“ correct size and colour.

We have selected a good manufacture of brazilian jiu jitsu belts, TheGround. With a long range of belts,adults and kids, diferent models, weights, etc to suit all the needs.

You writte down the list of the students and their next belt and we will prepare a package direct to you door. We give you the opportunity to prepare the certificate with you own logo and text, ready to sign and give to your students.

Create your Diploma

  • Send us your academy logo.
  • Include the text you want to add.
  • We write the name of your students.
  • Once is printed we send it to you.
  • Enjoy the grading ceremony with your students.
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